October 2017
New MISFITS gallery added!

Check out the new MISFITS gallery in the bands page.

Thanks - Bill Baker
June 2015
New VOLBEAT gallery added!

Check out the new VOLBEAT gallery in the bands page.

Thanks - Bill Baker
February 2015

Yes folks that's correct....The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook has SOLD OUT. A big THANK YOU to everyone that purchased one from me, whether it was in person, off this website or from my eBay page. What a ride it has been.

Thanks - Bill Baker
20th December 2014
The FINAL 20!

Hey....I just want you all to know, that I only have 20 books left to sell - that's it. When they are gone, they are gone and I will be SOLD OUT. (I have some personal copies, that Ace signed for me, tucked away...but other than that, THIS IS IT!)
I am going to specially sign and number the last 20 and include a bonus FRACTURED MIRROR dvd as a Thank You! Don't miss your chance to get a copy if you are a true Ace fan and want one for your collection. Postage rates have gone up, especially overseas so I have had to adjust the shipping for 2014 - This is the LAST chance to get yours!!

Thanks - Bill Baker
October 2014
Frehley's Comet members get their scrapbooks!

Hello fellow Ace fans, well for reasons beyond my control I couldn't make this years KISS Expo, I'm sorry to have missed it. But thanks to my long time friend Bill Demild, he delivered copies of my book to John Reagan and Tod Howarth and got a few pics of them with the books! Since there's some good pics of those guys in my book, and I know them from hanging out at past Expos, I wanted them to have it. Thanks again Bill for doing that and I've since gotten an e-mail from Tod thanking me for the book.

I'm down to the last couple of boxes and probably have just enough to get me through the end of the year. Ace is at CHILLER again so I hope to stop in and say Hello and get a pic of us for 2014.I hope you are all well out there, as for me I'm still battling lyme disease so check for ticks whenever you are outdoors. If you are "lucky" enough to see your bite (bulls-eye rash) get to a doctor and get antibiotics. You have a 95% chance of getting rid of it. I never saw my bite so it's gotten in deep. Guitars and KISS and all things in life are cool and fun, but our health is #1.

Keep Rockin' - Bill Baker
17th November 2013
Volbeat, Misfts & Him gallery updates.

Hey fellow Ace fans, Bill here and a lot has been going on.....VOLBEAT, MISFITS and HIM toured together this summer and that was great for me to see my all of my friends together and I got a lot of great photos for my galleries, check out the new additions!

I went to the Chiller Theatre Expo last weekend and stopped in to say hi to Ace. We talked for a little bit and got a couple photos together. I gave him some of my print sets and he gladly signed some to me. He mentioned working on a second book and asked if I'd help, which I gladly will. There's a "KISS STORE" coming up here in NJ in December that I may attend, so check back here for more details.

I've been fighting lyme disease for the past year, so I've been a little behind in everything. Be careful of those ticks out there and stay healthy, I'm trying to get better!

Keep Rockin' - Bill Baker
Ace Frehley vintage radio scrapbook promo audio uncovered.

Thank You Herschell Gordon Lewis, the "Godfather of gore", film maker and author, for narrating this rare radio promo for my "Ace Frehley Ultimate Fan Scrapbook". Check out Herschell's classic films - Bill
New Frehley's Comet audio added.

While going thru the Ace Archive with my webmaster Matt in August we discovered a few gems that we would like to share with all you Ace fans, especially fans of his Frehley's Comet days.

Check out my audio page to listen to a few unreleased tracks, instrumental and alternate lyrics songs straight from the Frehley's Comet reels. Songs featured are Calling To You, Dolls and Breakout.

Enjoy! - Bill & Matt
The latest news from Bill Baker

Check out the Ace Frehley Archive Youtube page to see what i have been up to lately. Plenty of videos to see for all you Ace Frehley fans.

Be on the look out for the footage i shot of Ace's old 59' Les Paul guitar.
Ace Frehley vintage promotional film found at an old drive-in........

Herschell Gordon Lewis, "The Godfather of Gore" and "The Master of Marketing" has been kind enough to team up with Bill Baker to help spread the word about this incredible book available to KISS and Ace Frehley fans!

Click here to view the promotional film video.