Fractured Mirror was born from my meeting with drummer Preston Nash in 1992. My friend Mike Moscato invited me to an 'Open Mic' jam that he was going to, and he was meeting up with this new drummer. Well they played a few songs and one of them was Strutter. I was hearing Preston play the song exactly like the record and I was quite impressed. After they played, we all went back to my place as Preston wanted to see some of my Ace collection. We were checking out my things and talking, when we joked with the idea of some sort of Kiss tribute band. Well, Preston suggested that since there were already a few around, maybe we could do something different. Since I was a friend of Ace's, and I was already jamming with some friends in New York with a black Les Paul Custom, why don't we try an ACE FREHLEY TRIBUTE? I could pull off a similar look, hell, I had some of his 'Comet' stage clothes, and we would concentrate on playing Ace written Kiss material. The band was born when Preston suggested his friend Mike Breeden play guitar and my friend Mike play bass. We originally called ourselves 'Trouble Walkin' at the first Open Mic we played at, but the next time decided on 'Fractured Mirror' as we thought is was more appropriate.

We started playing in a few local clubs, and then my good friend Richie Ranno asked us to open for 'Strutter' at the 1993 Kiss Convention. Shortly after that, Mike Breeden left and Mike Moscato moved to guitar, and Rex Eisen joined on bass. The following year, Mike left and T.R. Gwynne joined on guitar, and the lineup stayed the same until we played our last gig in 1998, back where we started at the Kiss Expo. I had given Ace some videotapes of these shows, and he would call me up while he was watching them and giving me compliments on the band. "If I squint my eyes it looks like me" he said. One time my answering machine got one of his comments after he watched a tape of the band. It was one of the best compliments anyone that does a tribute could ever receive......right from the person you are imitating. We are even in an awesome film called 'Kiss Loves You' filmed by Jim Heneghan. It shows us at the 1996 Kiss Expo performing our original song, "Put It Back On" as well as 'Shock Me'.

The band was a lot of fun and we got written up in several Kiss fanzines as well as Ace's 'Rock Soldiers' fan club magazine. We eventually called it quits because Preston and Rex had another band that was signed, and honestly, I just didn't want to pay tribute to Ace anymore after not speaking with him for a few years. My musical tastes were changing. Check out the photos and videos of us through the years.