Hey Ace fans, I just had to add to my site a space to show what I'm really into now. I'm talking about The King Of Rock And Roll! Everyone loves ELVIS in some way. Hell, even ACE liked Elvis. You may or may not like his music, but be aware that without what he did, we may not have the music we have today. Elvis discovered, by accident, that being wild and different would cause hysteria and sell tickets. It would set you apart from the others. He believed in it so much that he even had to defend himself just because of the way he looked and the way he performed. They say he was the devil, they say he was corrupting the youth. His records were spreading the words of sin throughout our country. Does that sound familiar KISS fans? Well, growing up I always knew about Elvis and "Blue Suede Shoes" and all that. But it wasn't until my parting With Ace in 1995 that while driving one day I heard "The Wonder Of You" on the radio, and it sent a chill up my spine and made me want to hear more. So began my quest for ELVIS. I listened and I learned.

And while he was human and not perfect, he had some great qualities. Here was a man that gave back to his friends and fans. He would stop and sign autographs, pose for pictures, give away cars and jewelry to complete strangers, read about someone in the paper that needed a wheelchair and personally deliver the best one money could buy. Just to see someone happy and to give back because he appreciated his fans and his fame. The stories go on and on of his generosity to charities. I don't think I've ever heard of any of the Kiss members doing anything like that, I'm sorry to say. I just keep seeing offers to buy, buy, buy Kiss merchandise or to meet with them if you pay this amount. I know these guys are your heroes, but think about what they have given back besides the music, and that's all I'll say about it because I'm just trying to make a point that besides being THE KING, he was a great man and a great performer and no one will ever come close again. There are a million Elvis items and pictures out there, well here are some of mine to share with you as I have been fortunate enough to meet some great fans and friends of his that have passed things on to me. As well as the collection of the late Donna Gaffin, a devoted fan and friend of Elvis and The Memphis Mafia. I have all of her pictures, scarves, taped concerts, scrapbooks, letters, and journals, etc., and it's almost like I was there, and experienced the excitement of seeing him live. If you haven't seen the film "KISS LOVES YOU", it ends with me being an Elvis fan. And I still am today.

I'll always love the music and image of Kiss, but nothing tops Elvis. And I've mentioned elsewhere that I also am into the music of Johnny Cash and other older country artists, the heavy sounds of Blue Cheer (a group I can proudly call friends, and I'm in the process of building a bass for the bass player), The Ramones, (who I've met and also imitated - Fractured Mirror was also a Ramones tribute band for a while), and my wife loves them and got me into them, the Finnish band HIM.

Thankya very much!