Welcome to my ACE ARCHIVES! Let me tell you a little about myself...
I discovered KISS about the time Destroyer had come out. My friends played me their records and I became a big fan, fast forward to 1990 I met Ace Frehley. Yes, it was very cool to meet the man himself! We hit it right off and it was then that I began to collect and hunt down any rare or unique items on Ace that I could find. As our friendship grew, he gave me many one of a kind items for my collection. I am a guitar tech for a living, and it wasn't long until I was repairing and modifying Ace's guitars and amps because he wanted to see what I could do. Many times I would trade my luthiery (fancy term for guitar tech) services in exchange for some of his privately owned memorabilia. Yes, I was smart in knowing that these were pieces of history – and that someone should archive them!

During that time my collection grew at an amazing rate and I would display some of my favorite pieces at the New York KISS Expos. 1992 was the first time I unveiled the "Archives" display and Ace, himself an attendee, was proud to see it. I just wish someone had a camera handy at that moment! I also fronted an Ace tribute band called 'Fractured Mirror' and we played at those conventions as well as clubs in the tri-state area and made it into a film called "Kiss Loves You". However, in 1995 when Ace rejoined Kiss, I was just out of the loop for the “Unplugged” show. I went on to fall out of touch with Ace entirely. But the fan who met Ace in ’90 is still a (albeit less rabid) fan today and keeper of the Archives.

Most of my memorabilia is no longer in my collection as I now collect other artists, but I still have some sentimental items. Ace's star earring that he wore on the cover of the first KISS album and at many early KISS gigs, the all aluminum "Veleno" guitar he played on stage during the "Alive" era, as well as some stage clothing from his solo years that he gave to me. While I am still a Kiss fan and still love the original band, I have moved on to collecting and enjoying the music of other artists like Elvis, (who we have a whole room dedicated to), Johnny Cash (I have one of his suits), Blue Cheer, (who are good friends of mine), and the Finnish band HIM (who I've met and photographed, and are awesome in concert), among others.

Mixed in with my guitar work schedule and other projects, I finally finished working on a 128 page color photo book showing off my collection of images and memorabilia titled: "Ace Frehley The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook". It has been a project "In the works" for many years and I can't believe it is finally finished! I know there are a lot of fans of his out there that know Ace is a part of rock history, and want to see a positive book about him. Well I've self published this book, out of the belief that there are a lot of fans out there that want to see great concert photos, documents, memorabilia, song lyrics, and unique items that only I had access to. A chronological passage of time in Ace's life from the early KISS days up until the KISS "reunion", and a tribute to the man in pictures. What really made it worth the work was seeing Ace in Oct. 2008 and giving him a copy and having him say "Thank You".

This website is all for you, the fans. Check out 'The Archive' and watch the videos, read the stories, hang out and have fun. Just think, I had to store all of it!'