29th December 1943 - 29th June 2010
Legendary producer, music manager and a man with an eye for talent has passed away from cancer on Monday July 29th, 2010. There are many of people out there that knew him so much better than i did, but if my words mean anything, let me share my thoughts with you.

I first met Bill through Richie Ranno, my friend that created the Kiss Conventions. In 1993 Bill Aucoin was one of the featured guests. I had my museum of Ace and Kiss memorabilia set up behind a bunch of tables. Bill had nowhere to set up or sit, so after we were introduced, I offered him the spot in front of my museum. He was very thankful of that and there were many pictures of him taken that day, all in front of my display. I think that he was just in awe of my collection. It really brought him back seeing all of the original costumes and guitars, as he knew each and every one of them. We shared stories about Ace and Kiss that day, as well as him commenting to me about my band "Fractured Mirror" after watching us perform. He said he was very impressed with the idea. I would only run into him just a handful of times after that, but each time he knew who I was and it was always like no time had passed.

Well, on July 10th of 2009 there was a small KISS event in New York City. It was held at a comedy club in Times Square. The band KISS ARMY was playing their set, and invited the guests Lydia Criss, J.R. Smalling, myself, and Bill Aucoin to add to the festivities. Sadly, only about 5 people actually showed up. Drinks for the guests were free, so as bored as we were, we all drank up and had a ball. Bill got the band to go out on the street and drag some extra people inside to watch them play, so that there would be more bodies in the room. Luckily I had brought my camera and as we were all goofing around I got some pictures. Of course I gave Bill one of my books for his collection. Once again, he knew exactly who I was and remembered everything about me. That night I got the opportunity to thank him for something.

I thanked him for a warning he had passed on to me back in 1995. That warning was that he knew that Gene Simmons was after my collection in the same way that he had confiscated Al Munson's collection in Detroit at the Kiss Convention there. (See the film "Kiss Loves You" for footage from that raid.) Well, after that happened I had no intention of setting up my museum that year, but Bill's message to me convinced me to still do one, only I decided to make it a "Frehley's Comet" museum, with no KISS stuff whatsoever. Gene and Paul flew in that weekend and visited a judge to get court papers with my name on it saying I had stolen merchandise of theirs just like Al supposedly had. On the Sunday of the convention they probably had someone come and check out what I had set up, and had to go back and report that there was no Kiss costumes in the museum. They didn't fly in for nothing though, as they were to be on "Rockline" on Monday night anyway. But they never got the chance to raid this Expo and take my stuff like I'm sure that they were hoping, part in thanks to Bill.

Again, I thanked him for thinking of me and that's the kind of guy he was and that I knew. Of course I have friends that worked with him and knew him better than I did, but I'm still honored that he respected me and I fell like I've lost a friend.

Thank you Bill for the memories, i will miss you.

Bill Baker - July 2010