Ace Frehley - The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook Reviews

The reviews and comments have been coming in and I thought I would share some of these. Thanks to everyone that has ordered my book and taken the time to drop me a line and let me know what you thought of my Ace Scrapbook, please keep the comments coming!

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Hi Bill,

I just wanted to write to not only thank you for selling me a copy of your book at the show, as well as kindly personalizing it to me, but also for putting the blamed thing together in the first place.

It's a real treat for fans to read of others' experiences with celebrities and their collections of memorabilia.

You have a real treasure-trove of both material and memories, and I'm grateful you took the time and effort to share them!

David H. Smith
To Bill,
The book is AMAZING !!! I mean all those photos, backstage passes, the presentation of it itself, great layout, WOW ;) I love it love it love it !!! I especially like the photo of Ace in his socks...and when you know the story behind it HAHAHA !!

And totally out of much would sell his blue jacket he gave you? lol I'm kidding I'm sure it's priceless to you !

Carolyn - Quebec, Canada
Hi Bill,
The book showed up today, and i couldn't put it down: your story is amazing! thanks so much for sharing this.

I also saw some of your stuff on YouTube: you really nailed that "ace sound!" ;-)

Thanks again,
Dear Bill,
I stopped by your table last night at the Chiller Expo and bought a copy of Ace Frehley: The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook which you signed for me. Thank you so much again.

Well you asked me to drop you an email after I read it. Well I just finished and all I can say is WOW! It was amazing to see the collection of pictures and memorabilia in your collection. Overall it was a great book. You did a great job.

Thanks for the time Bill keep rockin'
It just arrived today..AWESOME!!! I will recommend it to other fans as well!

Thanks again
Brett - Queensland, Australia
Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for the Ace scrapbook !!!

Congratulation, it's very nice. Beautiful pictures and photos. A great present for all the Ace's Fans. Thanks !

Bye! Rock On !!
Dear Bill,
I received my copy of your book yesterday, I ordered through Kissmuseum. I thought I would just take a moment to tell you, how much I enjoyed it. Being a huge Ace and Kiss fan and collector since 76 it was great to see something as well put together as the book.

It truly came through as something that was fan based as opposed to just to turn a quick buck. I hate that your relationship with Ace ended as it did and tarnished your experience.

Any way great book , thanks for sharing your photos and memories with us, it helps fill in holes of Ace's personal life and career that wouldn't be normally be possible especially without a ton of dirt thrown in.

Danny Farrar - Nashville, TN
Hey Bill,
I just got the scrapbook and it's fantastic! Thanks for the quick shipment. I hope you sell all the copies, very cool!

Thanks again.